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Aki Lumi

Born in Tokyo. Lives and works in Paris.
Studied paintings, he started to work on posters for plays using some techniques of typography and illustration. Then gradually opened his eyes for photographs. Moved to Paris after 1999, started his career as a photographer based in Europe, had many solo exhibitions. Recent works are focused on provident theme on virtual space like "system" and "Web". His recent work of "traceryscape" consists of landscapes captured by numerous fine lines.

< Recently Exhibitions >

2016g Un voyage dans la photographie contemporaineh
2016@LfImagerie de Lannion | Centre photographique / LannionAFrance

2015g The photographers 2015h Beetles + Huxley Gallery / London
2015g Aki Lumi - Jardins Imaginairesh Le Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire
2007g Small Is Beautifulh Galerie Jewelvary Art / Shanghai
2007g Dessins de Photographes "Galerie Françoise Paviot, Paris.

2014 "Mille Miroirs dans La Forêt ", National Art Center- La Maison d'Art Bernard
2012 Anthonioz,Nogent-sur-Marne, France.
2012 Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai.
2012 Galerie Françoise Paviot, Paris.

2013 Galerie Entre Deux, Tokyo

2012 "Paradise Diagram ", Le Granit, Belfort, France. (solo)
2012 "Small Is Beautiful part II ", Mois de la Photo à Paris, Galerie Françoise Paviot, Paris.
2012 "Ferme des animaux ", Galerie Françoise Paviot, Paris.

2011 "Shanghai Selection ", Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai.

2010 "Organic City ", Centre d'art contemporain, Royan, France
2010 "Transphotographiques Lille | Festival de Photographies, Palais Rameau "
2010 , Lille, France
2010"Biennale de Daegu 2010-Main Exhibitions ", Daegu Culture & Art Center, Corée,
2010 , du 30 sept. au 24 oct.
2010 "Dessins de photographes ", Galerie Françoise Paviot, Paris,
2010 du 26 mars au 17 avril & Galerie De Bayser, Paris, du 26 mars au 3 avril
2010 , pendant le Salon du Dessin contemporain
2010 "Dans un jardin " : un hommage au Déjeuner sur l'herbe et au jardin
2010 de Monet à Giverny, Frac Haute Normandie Bâtiment Trafic, Rouen,
2010 "Une seconde nature ", Transphotographiques, Festival
2010 de Lille, France, du 9 mai au 20 juin
2010 "Care to Dance? ", Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, du 8 fev. au 7 mars.

2009 Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai. (solo)
2009 Galerie Francoise Paviot, Paris. (solo)
2009 Galerie Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo. (solo)
2009 "Presentation of New Art Museum", Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai.

2008 Espace Van Gogh, Arles, France. (solo)
2008 "7 views toward the world ", Heyri Art Valley, Keumsan Gallery, Korea.
2008 "The history of arts and cities - Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai", Sendai
2008 Mediatheque, Japon.
2008 "Photographies scientifiques ", Galerie Francoise Paviot, Paris.
2008 Galerie 21, Tokyo.

2007 Les Rencontres photographiques de Lorient
2007 Galerie du Faouedic, Lorient, France
2007 Galerie Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo (solo)
2007 Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
2007 L'ete Photographique de Lectoure 2007
2007 Maison de Saint-Louis, France (solo)
2007 Service Cultuel municipal de Gentilly / l'Atelier E de Bary, "Zig-Zag",Gentilly,
2007 France

2005 Galerie Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo (solo)
2005 "the Photography beyond 20 years from Tsukuba Museum ofphotography",
2005 Sendai Mediatheque, Japon.
2005 "A3-art" Place Saint Sulpice, Paris.

2004 "L'Association Florence", Espace Commines, Paris. (solo)
2004 "yellow garden2", Mori yu Gallery, Kyoto, Japon.

2003 Galerie 21, Tokyo

2002 Galerie du Forum, Toulouse, France (solo)
2002 Musee Albert Chanot - Centre d'Arts Plastiques Clamart, Clamart,France. (solo)
2002 "The Built and the Living / European Image Weeks", Chapelle du Rham,

2001 l'Atelier E de Bary, Gentilly, France.
2001 "le trentenare du SIRP", Centre d'Art des Vou^tes du Port a Royan, Royan,

1999 l'Espace RDV, Auvers-sur-Oise, France.
1999 "Velodrome - une cyberkunsthalle parisienne", Gentilly, France. - "En Vie",
199@Centre d'Art des Voutes du Port a Royan, Royan, France.
1999 "Zig-Zag", l'Atelier E de Bary, Gentilly, France.

*Laureat de "Salon International de la Recherche Photographique (SIRP 1999) ",1999, France.