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Mari ITO

1980 born in Tokyo Japan.
Lives and works in Barcelona Spain.

< Solo Exhibition >

2014 "Invisible" nap gallery ChiyodaARTS3331. Tokyo,Japón
2014 gEl jardín de los deseosh Zeit Foto Salon. Tokyo, Japón
2013 gEl origen del deseoh TK Galeria d'Art, Barcelona, Spain
2012 "Id- El origen del deseo-nacimiento-" La CerverinadLArt. Cervera, Spain
2012 "Id- El origen del deseo-nacimiento-" Galería Esther Montoriol. Barcelona, Spain
2012v"Id- El origen del deseo -nacimiento-" nap gallery, Tokyo
2012 "Id- El origen del deseo"Zeit Foto Salon, Tokyo
2011 "Id-De l'origen del desig" Vinart. Igualada, Spain
2009 "Id- en movimiento hacia el círculo" en Kannon Gyo & Wa gallery,Barcelona/Spain
2009 "Id- El origen del deseo" en Sala d'art Hostalet 1701 Hotel, Girona/Spain
2009 "Id- el origen de los deseos" en Kannon Gyo & Wa gallery, Barcelona/Spain
2008 "Mari Ito" en ZENBU Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

< Group Exhibition >

2015 "UTOPIA "Jankossen Contemporary Art Gallery, New York
2015 "Inter[canvi]"Arteria, Igualada,Spain
2015 "DelicArTessen14"@Galería Esther montoriol, Barcelona
2015 gDessinh Zeit Foto Salon. Tokyo, Japón
2015 "Sensibilitat Toquio" La CerverinadLArt. Cervera, Espana
2015 "flors"@Galería Esther montoriol, Barcelona
2014 "DelicArTessen13"@Galería Esther montoriol, Barcelona
2014 "Ulls DArgos!" La CerverinadLArt. Cervera, Espana
2014 "Painting by four" Zeit Foto Salon. Tokyo
2014 "COVERED TOKYO 2014, Hikarie" SHIBUYA Hicarie. Tokyo
2013 "Green Flower Street"Tatiana Kourochkina Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 " The Origin of Desire Mari Ito and Mami Yamanaka "Jankossen
   Contemporary Art 20132013@ Gallery,Basel/Switzerland
2012 Collection@@Zeit Foto Salon. Tokyo
2011 "DelicArTessen10" Galería Esther montoriol. Barcelona/Spain
2011 "Art and adventure" Zeit Foto Salon, Tokyo
2011 "The fruits of Adventures" Zeit Foto Salon, Tokyo
2010 "DelicArTessen9"Galería Esther montoriol, Barcelona/Spain
2009 "Via art 09" Shinwa art Museum, Tokyo
2009 "Asian Young Artists 4 - The world that drips -" Keumsan Gallery Tokyo
2009 "El japóde JORDI SERRA" MASIA MUSEU SERRA. Barcelona, Spain
2007 "Christmas collection" ZENBU Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
2007 "Japanese Artists" ZENBU Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
2004 "Presentation from artist's eggs" Joshibi Art Museun, Kanagawa/Japan
2004 Japanese paper Studio complation memory exhibition of Koshi", Niigata/Japan
2004 g8 Artists with KADOIDEWASHIh Gallery SHUN, Kanagawa/Japan
2003 gWorks 2003h Key Gallery, Tokyo


2015 "Aosando Art Fair"Omotesando hills, Tokyo
2014 "AHAF Hong Kong 2014"Zeit Foto Zalon, Hong Kong
2014 "Art Stage Singapore2014"Villa del arte Barcelona, Singapore
2013 "SCOPE MIAMI 2013"Villa de arte Barcelona, Miami USA
2013 "Contemporary Istanbul"Tatiana Kourochkina Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 "Art Tronto2013"Villa del arte Barcelona, Toronto Canada