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Masumi KURA

1975 Born in Toyama, Japan
1998 Graduated from the Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha
1998 University
2001 Left the Department of Photography, Tokyo Visual Arts

< Selected Solo Exhibitions >

2015 "Adventures of Kura", BMW PHOTO SPACE, Korea
2014 "Men are Beautiful", Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku, Tokyo
2013 "Men are Beautiful in Fukui", Fukutasu, Fukui
2013 "Himi", Chukyo University Art Gallery C.SQUARE, Aichi
2013 "my favorites", Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
2012 "kura", Visual Arts Gallery, Osaka
2011 "Adventures of Kura", Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
2010 "Kura's Pilgrimage to Ise Vol.6 : Shiga”, Gallery Kaido Ribbon, Tokyo
2010 "Kura's Pilgrimage to Ise Vol.5 : From Futagawa to Ise!", Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
2006 "Kura's Horoki Part 1 : Shinjuku", Golden-gai Kodozi, Tokyo
2005 "Kura's Pilgrimage to Ise Vol.4 : From Kanaya to Shirasuka", PLACE M, Tokyo
2004 "Kura's Pilgrimage to Ise Vol.2 : From Kanagawa to Hakone",
2004 photographers' gallery, Tokyo
2004 "Kura's Pilgrimage to Ise Vol.1 : From Nihonbashi to Kawasaki",
2004 photographers' gallery, Tokyo
2003 "love machine vol.4", photographers' gallery, Tokyo
2002 "love machine vol.3", photographers' gallery, Tokyo
2002 "love machine vol.2", photographers' gallery, Tokyo
2002 "love machine", photographers' gallery, Tokyo
2001 Neo Documentary "Face of Humanity" Project : "Tokyo-Osaka",
2004 Guardian Garden, Tokyo

<Selected Group Exhibitions >

2015 "Four from Japan: Contemporary Photography", CONDE´ NAST GALLERY, New York
2014 "Group Exhibition Vol. 2 HAKKA", BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa
2012 "somewhere between me and this world - Japanese contemporary photography,
2013 vol. 11", Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of photography, Tokyo
2013 "Parallel Visions: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition",
2013 Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2011 "- HAKKATEN - Department of photograph/picture/image, Art and Architecture,
2013 School of Waseda University - HEIKATEN-", Ryugu Bijutsu Ryokan, Kanagawa
2013 "The 10th Photo City Sagamihara Award Exhibition", Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Tokyo
2010 "The 10th Photo City Sagamihara Award Exhibition", Sagamihara Citizen's Gallery,
2013 Kanagawa
2008 "The history of arts and cities-Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai-",
2013 sendai mediatheque, Miyagi
2007 "Japan Caught by Camera − Works from the Photographic Art in Japan",
2013 Shanghai Art Museum, China
2005 "The Portrait Today : You are here", Parthenon Tama, Tokyo
2004 Screening "Ecstasy + Terror", space harappa, Aomori
2013 "Yokohama Shashinkan, Kura's Pilgrimage to Ise Vol.3 : From Mishima to Shimada",
2013 BankART 1929, Kanagawa
2003 "HITOSHU : human smell against cat smell, love machine vol.5", Space Laboratory,
2013 Aomori
2013 "photographers' gallery exhibition", Chukyo University Art Gallery C.SQUARE, Aichi
2002 "Photonesia : the memory of light, the fruits of time: photographers' gallery
2013 exhibition", Maejima Art Center, Okinawa
2001 "Opening Exhibition", photographers' gallery, Tokyo

< Publications >

2013 HIMI, Sokyu-sha
2010 [kura] Sokyu-sha
2011 [Adventures of Kura] Sokyu-sha

< Public Collections >

Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
Shanghai Art Museum