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Toeko Tatsuno  "March-3-96" 1996 paper、pastel 90×66cm ©2015 HIRAIDE Rieko

Group Exhibition

Noe AOKI, Mari ITO, Keiji USAMI, Naomi OKUYA, Kouseki ONO, Yuki ONODERA,
Jiyoung KIM, Kishio SUGA, Kunitaro SUDA, Wakiro SUMI, Toeko TATSUNO,

June 12 (fri) - August 1 (sat) 2015
close : sunday・monday・national holiday
open:10:30 - 18:30(Sat - 17:30)

Kishio Suga "RYUEN" 1991 paper, paint, bias tape, color pencil 60.4×39.4cm ©Kishio Suga

Korehiko Hino "I am Alive"  2015 paper, pencil 80.3×100cm ©Korehiko Hino


1958  Born in Tokyo
1983  Finished the master course in sculpture at Musashino Art University

〈selected solo exhibition〉
1994  Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
1995  National Museum of Art, Osaka
2000  Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo
2003  Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori
2007  Keumsan Gallery, HAS II, Lee Yoon Jin Gallery in Heyri Art Valley, Korea
2008  Shanghai Museum
2012  Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi
2013  Ohara Museum of Art-Yurinso, Okayama

1997  The 9th Ringa Art Promotion Prize (creation section)
2000  The 50th Minister of Education’s Choice: New Artist Prize
2003  The 33rd. The Teijiro Nakahara Prize for Excellence
2009  Takashimaya Culture Awards
2014  The 55th Mainichi Arts Award

Mari ITO

1980  Born in Tokyo After learned Japanese painting at Joshibi University of Art
    and Design, Moved to Barcelona Spain in 2006.

〈solo exhibition〉
2008  ZENBU Gallery, Barcelona
2009  Kannon Gyo & Wa Gallery, Barcelona
2011  VINART, Igualada
2012  ZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo, nap gallery, Tokyo
    La Cerverina d’Art, Cervera
    Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
2013  TK Galeria d’Art, Barcelona
2014  ZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo, nap gallery, Tokyo


1940  Born in Osaka
1958  Went up to Tokyo, studied art by himself
1963  First solo show at Minami Gallery, Tokyo
1965  Participated in “Japanese New Painting and Sculpture” at MOMA, New York
1967  Participated in the 5th Paris Biennial at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Cille de Paris
1970  Acted as an art director at steel pavilion in EXPO’70 in Osaka
1972  Participated in the 36th Venice Biennial
2012  Died
2013  First memorial solo show at Sezon Museum of Modern Art


1930  Born in Ishikawa
    Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art
1965-82 lived and acted in Paris

Kouseki ONO

1979  Born in Okayama
2004  Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University
2006  Finished the master’s course at Tokyo University of the Arts

〈solo exhibition〉
2009  Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo Art Front Graphics, Tokyo
2010  Art Edition Busan Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery, Okayama
2011  Art Front Gallery, Tokyo
2012  Satellite, Okayama
2014  ALC Gallery, Kanagawa

2007  Grand prize of Prints Tokyo 2007, Award of the 1st Tokyo Screen Print Biennale
2009  Grand prize of the 2nd Tokyo Screen Print Biennale
2015  Grand prize of VOCA


1962  Born in Tokyo
1993  Established a studio in Paris and began to work internationally

〈selected solo exhibition after 2010〉
2010  Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, The Museum of Photography, Seoul,
2011  Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Chalon sur Saône, Yossi Milo Gallery, NY
2012  Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai
2013  Galerie Louis Gendre , Paris
2014  Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur Marne, 2902 Gallery, Singapore,
Beaugeste Gallery, Shanghai
2015  Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris

1991  The 1st New Cosmos of Photography Award
1996  The 21st Kodak Prize of Critical Photography
2001  The Higashikawa Award- young award
2002  Photographic Society of Japan
2003  Ihei Kimura Prize
2006  Prix Niépce
2011  The Higashikawa Award-grand prix, Award of Ministry of Education and Culture

Jiyoung KIM

1986  Born in Seoul, Korea
2008  Learned painting for seven months at Tama Art University, Tokyo as an exchange student
2010  Graduated from Hongik University, Seoul, major in painting
2013  Finished the master course in painting at Tama Art University

〈solo exhibition〉
2010  Hallelujah Community Church, Korea

2013  Prize of the Bank of Korea emerging artist competition,
Prize of selection at Tokyo Wonder Wall Contest

Kishio SUGA

1944  Born in Iwate
1964-68 Learned at Tama Art University
1968  First solo show at Tsubaki Kindai Gallery
After that, had many solo shows in Japan and came to be known as the key member of ‘Mono-ha’.
1973  Participated in the 8th Paris Biennial
1987  Participated in “Japon des Avant-Gardes 1910-1970” at Pompidou Centre
1994  Participated in “Japanese Art after 1945 : Scream against the Sky” at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and other museums
2005  Participated in “Mono-ha Reconsidering” at National Museum of Art, Osaka
2012  Solo show at Blum & Poe, Los Angels
2014  Solo show at Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka
2015  Solo show at Museum Contemporary Art Tokyo

Kunitaro SUDA

1891  Born in Kyoto
1916  Graduated from Kyoto Imperial University Department of Philosophy
1917  Learned drawing at Kansai Bijutsuin
1919  Went to Europe, studied Spanish art and Venetian school
1932  First solo show at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
1956  Participated in the 28th Venice Biennial
1961  Died
1963  Retrospective solo show at National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2006  Retrospective solo show at National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2012  The 50th memorial solo show at Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura

Wakiro SUMI

1950  Born in Gifu
1971  Left Nagoya University of Arts, major in sculpture
1972  Completed Fujimicho Atelier B-Semi
1986-87 Invited to France by the French Ministry of Culture
1999-00 Lived and worked in Lyon, Agency for Cultural Affairs' Special Study-Abroad Program

〈solo exhibition〉
1972  First solo show at Gin Gallery
1991  Akiyama Gallery, Tokyo, Shimada Gallery, Tokyo
1994  Galerie Tokoro, Tokyo
1997  IBM Kawasaki City Gallery
2002  Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo
2004  Open Studio Program at Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo
2007  gallery mestalla, Tokyo
2009  Art House Asohbara, Chiba
2013  gallery21yo-j, Tokyo, gallery cocon, Tokyo
2015  ZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo


1950  Born in Nagano
1970  First solo show at Muramatsu Gallery
1972  Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
1974  Finished the master’s course at Tokyo University of the Arts
1979  Participated in International Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Tokyo at National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
1981  Participated in “Contemporary Japanese Art : Trends in the Seventies” at Korea Arts & Cultural Foundation, Seoul
1987  Solo show at Fabian Carlsson Gallery, London and Art Now Gallery, Göteborg
1989  Participated in “Europaria 1989: Japan” in Museum van hedendaagse Kunst, Ghent
1992  Participated in “Avanguardie Giapponesi degli Anni 70” at Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna, Bologna and Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
1995  Solo show at National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2011  Solo show at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
2012  Participated in “Given Forms − TATSUNO Toeko / SHIBATA Toshio” at National Art Center, Tokyo
2014  Died


1980  Born in Tokyo
2004  Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, major in oil painting
2006  Finished the master course in painting at Joshibi University of Art and Design
2013  Studied at Fine Arts College Shanghai Normal University as a research student

〈solo exhibition〉
2006  Arcuate (Levi’s concept shop)
2007  Musashino Gallery, Tokyo, Seishou Gallery, Tokyo, Ai Gallery, Tokyo
2008  V-gallery, Basel, The Foundry Gallery, Shanghai
2009  NODA Contemporary, Nagoya
2010  The Foundry Gallery, Shanghai, Tokyu Department Store HONTEN Art Gallery, Tokyo
2013  Office339, Shanghai

2002  Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition
2004  Kanagawa Art Exhibition
2005  The Woman Artist Group Exhibition
2007  Visual Art Award
2008  Shell Art Award


1975  Born in Miyagi
1997  Graduated from Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka University, major in art

〈solo exhibition〉
2003  Gallery Gobangai, Sendai
2005  Rias-Ark Museum, Kesennuma, Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo
2007  Nishimura Gallery, Okashorin, Nagano
2009  Nishimura Gallery, Okashorin
2010  Okashorin
2011  KIDO Press Inc., Tokyo, Okashorin
2012  Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery, Tokyo
2013  KIDO press Inc.
2014  Okashorin

2005  The new face award of Miyagi Prefecture Award for Fine Arts
2007  VOCA2007 Ohara Art Museum Prize

Korehiko HINO

1976  Born in Ishikawa
1999  Graduated from University of Tsukuba, major in painting
2001  Finished the master course in painting at University of Tsukuba
2006-2007  Lived in Santiniketan, India

〈solo exhibition〉
2001  Ginza Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo
2003  Galleria Grafica bis, Tokyo
2004  'Skywalk Exhibition Space' at Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall, Tokyo
Galleria Grafica bis, Tokyo
2006  Galleria Grafica, Tokyo
2007  Galleria Grafica, Tokyo
2010  Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
2011  Dai-ichi Life Gallery, Tokyo, The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, Tokyo
2013  snow contemporary, Tokyo
2014  snow contemporary, Tokyo